ICL 研究生商學院

Bridge International College

Under-18 Students



We have special procedures for our younger students here at Bridge. We take extra care to make sure that they are happy, safe and enjoying their time both inside and outside of the classroom. Here are some requirements under 18 students and their parents must know about:

  • Pre-Arrival Orientation. Bridge will send a welcome message by e-mail.
  • Parents/Legal guardians and next of kin’s up-to-date contact details recorded by the school.
  • Hand-over plan. Written confirmation from a parent or legal guardian is required (plan for handing over the care. e.g. whether the student is going to another school, the student is going back to his/her country, whether he/she is going to travel etc).

Emergency Phone Number: 021 780 793

Under-18 students have 3 options:

  1. Parents/Legal guardians
  2. ICL approved homestay
  3. Designated caregivers

NOTE: Designated caregivers are family or close family friends chosen by the legal guardians of the under-18-year-old student. Not chosen by their agents.

This must be approved before students arrive in NZ. If the caregivers do not meet the ICL/Bridge standards, the school will place all Under 18 students with ICL/Bridge registered homestays.

The Procedure includes:

  1. Under-18 Pack– This needs to be Under 18 pack which includes:

    • Indemnity
    • Health & Medical disclosure
    • Code of Conduct
    • Hand-over plan
    • Model Release

  2. Inspection– The Pastoral Care Coordinator will visit the home of the designated caregiver to determine that the living conditions are acceptable.

  3. Police Vetting– ICL will carry our Police Vetting of all adults over the age of 18 years living in the household (2 IDs are required)
    If the designated caregiver is approved, the Pastoral Care Coordinator will maintain regular communication with the designated caregiver.
    When the student is in the custody of the designated caregiver, ICL/Bridge is not responsible for the student’s care (COP2016,26.1.e)

When the parents/legal guardians are already living in NZ or accompanying an under-18 student, they are encouraged to attend the orientation with the student and campus tour.

All under-18 students will meet with the Pastoral Care Coordinator regularly. At these meetings, students can share any issues they have regarding accommodation or their general happiness both in and outside the classroom.

The Pastoral Care Coordinator will contact the parents/legal guardians regularly. The feedback form is sent out by e-mail.

  • ICL Graduate Business School
  • Westlake Boys High School
  • Long Bay College
  • Western Springs College
  • Foundation course
  • Vocational training
  • Undergraduate studies