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Bridge International College

Student Voices

Student voices


I really enjoyed learning English with my classmates who were from all over the world. My teacher helped us individually to develop our skills. I think that Bridge programmes are the best to develop English skills. It aims to help all students adapt to the ICL Business programme or university in the future.



Student voices


My biggest challenges were speaking and listening. I have tried a lot of methods to improve them, but it was not good enough to get good results on a test. I started at Bridge, and in about four weeks, my English-speaking grades had a huge improvement. I found the study atmosphere of Bridge to be very helpful.



Student voices


I was a student at Bridge. Now, I am studying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business at ICL Graduate Business School. I would like to emphasize the kindness and patience of my teacher, who helped us individually to develop our skills. Her dedication made my skill level jump in just 8 weeks.



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