English for Academic Purposes
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Bridge International College
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Prepare for academic study, for our Internal Test, and for other English tests in general

This is an intensive 12 week program for students who are preparing for tertiary studies and/or wishing to pass the IEPT for entry to the ICL Graduate Business School

  • Achieve the required score to enter ICL Graduate Business School;
  • Enrich your Academic English (e.g. essay writing skills) before you join another university or institute;
  • Students will have a special hour every Wednesday to interact with teachers for exam practice and strategies.

Learn skills and tasks that are useful for taking exams and studying on university programmes.

  • Writing: how to write academic essays with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, development of main paragraphs, and convincing conclusions;
  • Speaking: how to make presentations and participate in seminar discussions;
  • Reading: how to strategically read, quote, cite and reference source material;
  • Listening: improve listening and note taking skills, including special sessions with live lectures from ICL Graduate Business School.
  • Academic language: improve grammatical structures and extend academic vocabulary;
  • Critical thinking and reflective journal writing.

Important Information

Internal Test Week: for students who are ready, there will be the opportunity every four weeks to take the internal test (Conditions apply).

The EAP course is an intensive programme: a combination of hard work and support from dedicated teachers will help you advance rapidly.

Regular feedback based on test results and class participation will enable you to monitor your progress throughout the course.

Open hour 15:00 – 16:00Monday to Thursday every week, during which time you can do self-study, participate in one-on-one sessions with your teacher or attend workshops to focus on improving language ability and accuracy.


Available at various levels from mid-level Intermediate / IELTS 5.0 / CEFR B2


Class size: 
Maximum class size: 18


Start dates: 
Any Monday. However, it is good if you can join near the start of any four-week cycle


Course length: 
Flexible. However, there are four-week cycles of Internal Testing built within a 12-week Academic English syllabus.